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belated halloweenie pic



Gotta give a shout out to the heels = definitely makes this


Emily VanCamp by Sasha Eisenman for Cosmopolitan US May 2012


Carola Remer for Le Château Spring 2012 Campaign by Max Abadian 

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do you guys realize how horrible it is that Peeta’s last line in the movie was “I don’t want to forget”?


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I listen to everything from ’60s rock and roll to the Arctic Monkeys to The Black Keys to dubstep, so it’s literally full-on schizophrenic, my music taste. — Josh Hutcherson

Love Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys, Jack White.[…] Josh introduced me to dubstep, which I hadn’t even heard of before. […] It made my brain short-circuit in this great way. I would’ve never thought that I’d like that, but I loved it. — Jennifer Lawrence

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i want that skirt!! ;o

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